The mORB is a modified implementation of JacORB1 using the minimumCORBA specifications, witch is a subgroup of CORBA2 developed for systems with limited resources. For many applications, CORBA is too big and has too many unnecessary resources, in these scenes it is that the necessity appeared of a small CORBA version, witch was designated minimumCORBA.

The accomplishment of this project was made in accordance with the OMG3 specification, that can be seen in the download section. This specification was made with the purpouse to make minimumCORBA the most compatible possible with CORBA. Basically what one became was, taking JacORB as start point, to transform it into one ORB that does everything the minimumCORBA specification defines. A lot of resources of really small use and/or related with too specific projects were removed while other parts were modified to reflect the inexistence of the components.

The result was a sensible size reduction of JacORB (more than 3 times smaller), as well as a small gain in speed and use of RAM memory for identical programs running in both systems.

1 JacORB 1.4.1 (used version in this project) is an ORB CORBA of open sorce (made using Java) that implements the CORBA 2.3 specification.

2 CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) is a middleware technology that allows programing in a distributed environment in heterogeneous systems.

3 OMG (Object Management Group) is an open membership, not-for-profit consortium, that produces and maintains computer industry specifications of CORBA.